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Bomber Softball Order

Welcome to the Bomber Softball Apparel page.  I will be utilizing this site throughout the season for fan apparel, player apparel, etc.  For this order round I need all orders in by
MARCH 31st
Please select the PLAYER option for your player as their numbers will be on their shirts and please select the FAN option for other shirts with a printed front only.    When you check out select TEAM DELIVERY.  Call me at 3197433017 with any questions.  Thank you!

***All player apparel will be delivered at practice on April 2nd.  This will include jerseys, socks, pants, belts, and hooded sweatshirts.  I already have all of the Player items in, but please order on this site to pay for them.  If you do not know your player's size of pant, please text me.  The rest of the fan items will be delivered the following week before we play.
Thank you!!!***

Jerseys are not on here as they are being donated by Brooke's Embroidery.


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